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It’s about you.

Baffled by customers' lack of interest? Frustrated you're not attracting talent to your team? Anxious about making an impression before the funds run out? 

All common concerns strong brand strategy, marketing and PR can help fix. We custom fit our expertise to the evolving needs of scale ups. And we do it fast, flexibly and cost-effectively thanks to our lean core team, a network of specialists and low overheads. We’re part of the new model of doing business, just like you.


Your problems, solved

What if business life-cycle stage were a better predictor of marketing need than sector?

We put that question to everyone from angels and VCs to entrepreneurs and business schools. The result - a marketing partnership to serve ambitious fast growing businesses at the tricky scale up stage. 

Here’s why we believe your challenge is distinct.

  • Your business has got less than 2 years’ survival till your next funding round. In fact, you're statistically more likely to go bust than go big. Focuses the mind (or hangs like the sword of Damocles over your desk). 
  • You won’t be able to innovate unless you can attract the right talent to your team. And right now, that's not happening.
  • You thought 'build it and they will come'. But they haven't. The product turns out not to sell itself, after all. Your solution is in search of a problem – a need recognised by customers.
  • You know you need marketing, but you're not an expert, and you keep putting it off. You’d benefit from senior strategists and practitioners who can give you a short cut to the solution.

Why hire us

  • Caroline Brown

Caroline, a former Marketing Director, combines public relations expertise with market research and customer insight skills. She’ll find the story and tell it. She’s persuaded journalists to cover client topics as diverse as pirate radio, finding work in a recession and the Dalai Lama’s digital strategy.

Caroline particularly enjoys applying the science of behavioural economics to marketing strategy.

  • Chris Dell

Chris was CEO of Saatchi Masius, a leading specialist, corporate and B2B communications agency. He’s used brand strategy to achieve everything from getting the Red Arrows off the ground in support of UK trade, to selling construction machinery; from launching investment products to HNWs to consulting for consultants!

Chris is interested in how ideas can be put to work inside and outside a company to accelerate or cement growth.


Ways to work together

We understand the demands of rapid growth, funding pressures and high stakes. We've developed four ways of working to give you exactly the strategic marketing expertise you need, right now. 

How long have you got?

  • 5 days? Scale Sprint, inspired by the Google Ventures Design Sprint, is a (very) intensive short process to create and test marketing solutions to a specific business challenge.
  • 5 weeks? Work with us at a more relaxed pace to improve your market proposition, create a marketing strategy or help you prepare for a funding round.
  • 5 months? Hire us as your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer: a part-time, flexible senior resource for those who don't have anyone to manage their marketing, but recognise they need to do some all the same. 
  • Or only 5 hours? You may be surprised how far you can get in one of our marketing masterclasses, for businesses and accelerators.

Challenges we've tackled

We've helped:

  • a tech company map its IP + deep learning to a market need | market insight and brand strategy
  • a SaaS business reinvent its image | visual identity and web design, B2B outbound promotion
  • a telecomms scale-up stand out from competitors | brand strategy, SEO
  • a growing organisation refresh its values and be more relevant | market research, design of marketing materials
  • a retail outfit reshape its marketing offering after an exit to a US buyer | brand strategy, internal launch, video and advertising
  • segment a base of 6m customers for a marketing strategy | quantitative research
  • a bank understand and meet the needs of its scale-up customers | marketing masterclasses
  • a parent company define a North Star for its subsidiaries | corporate communications, graphic design, exhibitions
  • shape a national debate to pave the way for growth | communications strategy, advertising, content
  • change staff behaviour at Europe’s largest single site employer and transform the customer experience | everything!
  • launch everything from complex new products to Government policies | everything from PR to print


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